Audiologic findings after stereotactic radiosurgery in nine cases of acoustic neurinomas.


Nine cases of acoustic neurinoma were treated by stereotactic radiosurgery between 1969 and 1974. The follow-up period can now be regarded as sufficiently long for a preliminary evaluation of the results. An arrest of growth or shrinkage of the tumour was observed in 8 of the 9 cases. In one case open surgery was performed 2 years after irradiation and histological examination showed regressive changes of the type expected after irradiation. Audiological examination revealed that in the majority of cases radiosurgery could be performed without causing serious damage to the hearing function. The average hearing loss present before treatment increased on average only 20.0 dB in the most successful 7 cases. None of the patients suffered facial nerve involvement. In small and medium-sized acoustic tumours this method offers a satisfactory therapeutic alternative worthy of consideration.


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