Physalis withanolides II. Withaphysanolide


A new withanolide with the composition C28H38O7, which has been called withaphysanolide (I) has been obtained from a chloroform extract of an aqueous extract of the epigeal part ofPhysalis viscosa L. On the basis of a study of the UV, IR, PMR, and mass spectra of (I) and the products of the oxidation of its acetate (II) — a lactone C9H12O3 (III) and 4β-acetoxy-5α-hydroxy-1,17-dioxoandrosta-2,8(14)-diene (IV) — the structure of 4β,5α,17β,20α-tetrahydroxy-l-oxo-22R-witha-2,8(14),24-trienolide is suggested for (I).


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