Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing Capable of Removing Substrate Effects and Modulating Printing Characteristics


Electrohydrodynamic jet printing (EHDP) technique is widely used for the direct writing. However, in the existing EHDP method, the printing characteristics are affected by the printing substrate used, and the printed line width is determined by the geometry of the nozzle. We propose an EHDP method which is capable of (1) removing the effect from the substrate, and (2) controlling the line width through the ON/OFF control of the each nozzle in the nozzle array. Printing characteristics of our EHDP system were examined and successful ON/OFF control of the nozzle array were demonstrated. By using the proposed EHDP, it is expected that stable meniscus regardless of the effect from substrate and different line widths even using the same nozzle can be achieved.


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